Okta + Zscaler Deliver Seamless and Secure Authentication to Cloud-Based Apps



Amit Raikar: Zscaler was founded a decade back based on the premise that the cloud is going to kind of really disrupt the technology industry. And we built a cloud platform ground up to enable the secure transformation towards a cloud-first enterprise.

Amit Raikar: We promise our customers about faster access, best user experience, and agility for the business in terms of integrating itself to keep up with the changing environment. Those are the critical kind of objectives that we have, while still focusing on our core value prop, which is security.

Amit Raikar: So the primary focus of both Zscaler and Okta has been simplicity and user experience. Starting from just being easy to deploy by both platforms, being globally available, security as a service platforms to a subscription model, type of an easy-to-consume, easy to kind of purchase type of a model to administrators, being able to deploy both technologies together with a few clicks in minutes. And then finally, the most important is at the time of usage, when an end user is using or is trying to access an application, the security enforcement is completely transparent.

Amit Raikar: Business development is a great area because it touches different teams within the company in terms of addressing challenges that need cross-functional collaboration. And when I say challenges, it's challenging that the Zscaler to address customer expectations in better ways. What I find the most valuable in my role is to work with great partners like Okta to be able to deliver on that promise to the customer where it's not just 1 plus 1 equals 2 or 1 plus 1 equals 3, but 1 plus 1 equals 11. Both the employees at both companies have strong passion in terms of making a difference, in terms of being very collaborative, being open and candid about what works, what doesn't work, and being able to adjust to making it work.

Hear about our partnership with Zscaler and how we benefit customers with improved security.