Podcast: HR-Driven IT Provisioning with Okta + Active Cyber



My name is Christian Mayoros, and I’m an Engagement Manager with Professional Services at Okta. I’ve been in the security industry for more than 15 years and have held various roles from Anti-Virus, security, and architecture to engineering and Professional services.

Hi, I’m Lee Murray. I’m the Okta Practice Lead at Active Cyber. I’ve been helping customers deploy identity and access management solutions for 14 years and we’ve been an Okta partner since 2013.

Recently, we recorded a podcast where we focused on HR-Driven IT Provisioning. Lee Murray and I discuss what it is and what it means to hundreds of customers that have implemented it.  We discuss not only an out-of-the-box solution but a custom solution as well.

In this podcast, we’ll cover some of the powerful provisioning capabilities that the Okta solution brings to the table and help customers come to a better understanding of how they can use this in their environment.

Many customers may not even understand the capabilities of HR-Driven IT Provisioning, what we’re trying to do is answer those common questions that customers have and relate it to their environment, so they understand what they can do with this and how we can make their enterprise that much more advanced.

While every customer is unique, Okta brings best of breed solutions that we found over the years solves many of the same problems that many of our customers face.

I agree, there’s always a common thread to our deployments and over the years we’ve been able to take advantage of that and build our best practices and expand on that so each new customer that we bring on board really gets the benefit of all the customers that have gone before them.

Some of the specific customer issues we discuss include timely account creation and termination, naming standards, updates and even custom connectors. We explain how Okta’s HR-Driven IT provisioning can make our customers successful. 

All these things in more are in the podcast.  Don’t miss it! Be sure to join Christian and I by clicking on the link.

In this podcast, Christian Mayoros, from Okta, and Lee Murray, from Active Cyber, discuss Okta's powerful provisioning capabilities and how they partner together to implement HR-driven IT provisioning. Listen to the podcast here.