Secure Access to Your On-Prem Systems with Okta Access Gateway



Let’s face it. A lot of companies still rely on traditional on-premises systems to some degree. And contrary to popular belief, those systems are NOT less vulnerable to security threats than their cloud-based counterparts. The truth is that hackers will look for vulnerable systems regardless of location – so those on-prem systems NEED to be AS SECURE as your cloud systems. You need a way to secure all your systems WITHOUT a costly and difficult overhaul of your entire network.

Luckily, Okta has the solution. It’s called Okta Access Gateway, a fast and easy way to control access to your on-prem systems with security from the cloud. And its power is in its simplicity. Implementing Okta and Access Gateway means your IT team operates with just ONE set of security policies.

It encompasses all your cloud systems, AND all your on-prem applications – making it especially helpful in HYBRID IT environments. By implementing Okta’s Single Sign-On and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, your users have uninterrupted sign-on experiences that are the SAME across all devices regardless of where they're logging in from.

Access Gateway does NOT require you to change your on-prem source code, so integration is a snap. And it doesn't require old and cumbersome middleware or database servers–so you can reduce your operational burden, your costs, AND your headaches. With all these perks, and with a proven track record of success, Okta Access Gateway is THE BEST security solution for on-prem apps– pure and simple.

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While cloud adoption is on the rise, many companies still rely on traditional on-premises systems—systems that need to be as secure as their cloud counterparts.

Okta Access Gateway helps you do this without a costly and complex overhaul of your entire network. It’s a simple solution that secures your hybrid IT environment without compromising user experience. Okta Access Gateway also simplifies life for IT: integration is easy and it doesn’t require middleware or database servers—reducing costs and operational burden.

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