Okta + ServiceNow Unify On-Prem and Cloud Application Access



Speaker 1: Our vision for IT within ServiceNow is really more about IT service management in every sense of the word. But whether that is a mobile device, whether that's an end user device like a laptop, an iPad, if you will, or even a lab as a service, virtual infrastructure that sits either on premise or in the cloud.

Speaker 1: We actually have a fair degree of mix today. 80% of our applications really sit out there in the cloud, and the remainder sits on premise in hosted data centers. We see Okta as a solution to answer both of those challenges, both our on-premise enterprise types of applications via your exchange, for example, your SAP type environments, and your cloud experiences, your ADP for example, your workday types of applications. They're going to take care of both of these issues for us as a single identity management solution.

Speaker 1: Okta as a partner. Yeah, lots to say there. I think one of the biggest things for us was trust and confidence as really credibility in the end. As a company, we're growing with adding new employees every week, and it's faster than we can really keep up with in any reasonable fashion. But equally so are the number of customers that we're bringing into our portfolio. And having the sense that we can both onboard employees as well as considering how we're going to onboard our partners into a single sign-on experience, was really important for us. We managed to onboard all of our employees in a very rapid clip, and we have that sense of confidence that they're going to be with us as we move all of our partners there as well. That's really what kind of gave us the confidence in the sense that we're going to stick with them as a partner more than just any other vendor.

Speaker 1: Some of the features about Okta that I think are really key for us are the user interface is actually very clean. It's very simple, and when you deploy it out to the organization, users know how to quickly adapt to it and add their own applications and modify them as they see fit. Also, from a user's perspective, it's a very pain-free IT support experience. So tools like single sign-on allow people to pop in and out of the applications without having to remember their passwords and their login credentials to simply get to do their job well.

Speaker 1: Would we make the choice for Okta again? I think absolutely. For us, single center is about productivity, so users don't have to remember 20 different user IDs and passwords. Making the choice for Okta is really about simplicity and elegance, and making that much more intuitive and easy for our users to adapt to is really what it's all about.

Rapid growth and better application management led ServiceNow to Okta. They were provisioning new employees and partners every week, which was faster than they could keep up with. They also needed a better applications management solution, for both the apps in the cloud and the ones on premise in hosted data centers. Now, Okta takes care of both of these issues for them as a single identity management solution.