Softchoice Partner Testimonial Video



Dave McDonald:  Hi, I'm Dave McDonald. I'm the chief executive officer of Softchoice Corporation. We're one of the largest solutions players in North America. We've got over 1200 employees over 40 branches across Canada and the United States, and we help customers design and implement technology solutions from the desktop back to the big data centers.

Well what we're seeing is really fantastic as it relates to infrastructure as a service and particularly SAS, where customers are really wanting to take advantage of a lot of these line of business applications, and integrate them into their environment, and take advantage of what they offer. But of course there's huge issues around control, data security, management, billing, licensing, and there's a lot of challenges that have to be dealt with that are really not being handled by most customers today.

Really the Softchoice Cloud is completely consistent with the mission we serve our customers today in terms of making their experience much more easy, manageable, and much more controlled. And so what we're doing is we're helping customers take advantage of the widest selection of SAS applications available in the industry, we're putting that onto a single platform, providing them 24/7 support, single bill, and we're using Okta technology to ensure the identity management is the best in the industry.

And this is really something I think most customers don't really understand, is how important identity management is in this new world with all the applications and data being shared across many environments. And so I found customers that actually don't know, and found out later, that their employers are sharing data in public cloud environments that they don't have control over. And so with Okta's identity management capability, we have the ability to ensure it's the right person accessing those applications that's authorized within the organization, and all their credentials are only signed off on once, and all the applications available to that individual are taken advantage of by that single sign-off.

This whole opportunity, I think, in front of us ... And it's not just in front ofus in the industry but in front of our customers, in front of the productivity of our countries, is this ability for small companies to take advantage of large scale applications very easily and allow big companies to act very adeptly or jointly like small customers. We just recently signed up one of the largest recruiting agencies in Canada. 14,000 employees are gonna be taking on the Softchoice Cloud to access best in class SAS applications through that capability. And we signed a major travel organization in the United States that has as little as 300 seats; they're going to be going to a thousand. And so there are very classic examples, from large to small, taking advantage of SAS applications and infrastructure as a service through the Softchoice Cloud, and of course embedded inside that is Okta technology.

Well, we think Okta's got the leading technology in the space. We think we are one of the pioneers as it relates to finding new ways for customers to take advantage of technology, and we think between the two organizations, we're going to be outstandingly successful. And more importantly, our customers are going to be able to be best in class in their industry with the capabilities we provide together.

Softchoice helps their customers design and implement SaaS and Infrastructure as a Service from the desktop back to the big data centers. By doing this, there are huge issues around control, data security, management, billing, and licensing. Softchoice puts all of the applications that customers need into a single platform with a single bill and 24/7 support, which is all secured by Okta. Before, some of Softchoice’s customers had no idea how their employees were accessing or sharing data. This can create problems when companies are handling sensitive information. But once these companies came to Softchoice, they were able to securely grant access to their employees through the Okta and Softchoice platforms.