Apps for Good

Pre-built integrations with leading apps for enabling your workforce to give back

Employees want to engage with charitable causes at work, and a new generation of apps is rising to meet that demand. As a company, you want to provide scalable and secure opportunities for your workforce to give back. Apps for Good is a new ecosystem in the Okta Integration Network designed to help you harness and turbocharge your company’s charitable spirit.

Apps for Good (spearheaded by Okta for Good) enables Okta customers to simply and securely deploy world-class “giving apps” to their workforces. These pre-built, easily-configured integrations make it easier than ever for companies and employees to donate time, money, expertise, and more.

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Give back your way

Find the giving apps that reflect your company’s culture.

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Give with confidence

Enable employee giving with the security and simplicity that you expect from Okta.

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Do good

Make a positive impact with the most trusted names in corporate philanthropy.

Featured Apps

"At Workday, we’re proud to support the causes that matter most to our employees through our Workday Giving & Doing program. With Okta, it’s easy for our global workforce to access best-in-class tools like Benevity -- making giving back simple and readily available no matter where in the world they sit or what inspires them!"

– Diana Fischer, Director of Global Impact and Employee Life, Workday

"Box has been proud to partner with Bright Funds for years to fuel Boxer giving and volunteering. The platform has helped us live our "Make Mom Proud" core Box value. Okta enables us to deploy Bright Funds simply and securely to our employees driving more good!"

– Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director of

How it works

If you’re already a customer of an Apps for Good partner and Okta, you can now seamlessly deploy the app from your admin console, as you do with other integrations. If you’re not yet using one of the Apps for Good but would like to, talk to your team and decide which apps are right for your organization. Once you have selected and set up your organization’s giving apps, you can quickly and easily connect them with Okta using the pre-built connectors.

If your organization, or an organization you support, should be in the Apps For Good network, please reach out to us at [email protected].