App of the Week: Veeva Systems Uses the Cloud to Bring Innovative Apps to Healthcare IT

Hindered by weighty and complex legacy systems and infrastructures, healthcare companies are often considered late technology adopters. At Okta, we’ve actually found the opposite to be true. Okta identity management has a strong presence across multiple verticals, including bio/healthcare. Clients like AMAG Pharma, Genomic Health, Cubist Pharma, Alnylam and Trans1 have all moved to the cloud and are innovating IT architecture. This week, we’d like to highlight Veeva Systems, a provider of life science industry applications, from the Okta Application Network.

Founded in 2007, Veeva Systems is now recognized as a leader in multi-tenant SaaS-based apps for the global life sciences industry. The company serves cloud applications – built specifically for the life sciences industry – with a broad customer base that encompasses some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Both Veeva Systems and Okta work with customers and prospects like Cubist Pharmaceuticals – a biopharmaceutical company that was recently ranked in the 2011 Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Veeva Systems is available throughout North America, Europe, China and Japan.

Veeva customers achieve the fastest time to value through the deployment of fully functional applications that are flexible, simple to deploy, inexpensive to operate and provide a superior user experience. Veeva describes its product offerings as “appreciating assets” that continue to retain, and even grow, value through instantaneous updates pushed through the cloud. Unlike legacy custom-developed software, Veeva System’s cloud architecture instantly provides the most up-to-date software. Low, predictable pricing is another advantage for life science companies to switch to cloud-based service providers, like Veeva.

Furthermore, Veeva Systems has continued to innovate since its inception. In 2010, Veeva Systems released Veeva Web , the first SaaS CRM application network for life science companies.