Password Sharing: One Trend That Has No Place at Work

From SOPA to Megaupload, there was a lot going on in Internet news last week. Below we’d like to highlight a few of the stories that resonated with us as enterprise cloud users.

The iPad: Ushering in Consumer IT

Last week Sarah Lacy, former senior editor at TechCrunch, launched the startup news site PandoDaily. In one of the first posts on the site, Lacy discusses some of the resistance to enterprise cloud adoption and how the iPad may be changing this. Lacy cites a recent IDG report that found 91 percent of business and IT professionals use iPads for work.

The iPad, because it is such a complete shift in hardware, acts as an incentive to adopt more web-based apps.

As if ‘psswd’ Wasn't Bad Enough

According to the New York Times, the latest trend for teen couples is password sharing. Reporter Matt Richtel wrote that teens now share their email and social media passwords as a sign of intimacy.

Password sharing: one trend we can all agree has no place in business (or anywhere, really).

Megaupload and the Workplace Cloud

Ars Technica’s Jon Brodkin reported on Friday that 57 percent of organizations had employees on Megaupload during work hours, the same as Before the Justice Department turned off the lights on Megaupload last week, corporate users were pulling much more bandwidth from the service (20,405 GB) than pure business sites such as (86 GB).

Though it’s pretty clear that employees were using Megaupload at work for more than just business file sharing and data backups, the story shows how creative and unpredictable employees can get when it comes to the tools they use in the office.