Top 10 Reasons Valentines are Like Passwords

Valentines Password blog3

Happy Valentine's Day from the Okta team! We've had some fun thinking about chocolate, flowers and all things Enterprise Identity Management and came up with the Top 10 11 reasons valentines are like passwords. Enjoy!

  1. You get in trouble if you use the wrong name
  2. Sharing isn't advisable
  3. Neither should be your dog
  4. If you break up, you lose access
  5. Guessing can only make things worse
  6. Neither should be easy
  7. No one wants to change them when things are working
  8. They expire every year. Now they're just some passwords that I used to know
  9. When you find one that works, it's hard to let go
  10. Longer is better
  11. *NEW* Neither should go viral (This came in from a customer and was too good not to share!)