Box: Thinking Outside the Box with Okta

Jeff Sutton, enterprise IT manager at Box, recently sat down with us to discuss all things Okta — from what first drove Box to looking for an identity management solution to his experience with customer support during implementation. To hear our full interview with Jeff, watch the video below or on our website.

What drove you to look for an identity management solution?

JS: When I started Box, there were 50 people, and identity management wasn’t a big problem at that point. Once we reached around 150 people, we started noticing a lot of problems. We had 10 new hires a week and adding each of these accounts every week was just taking a lot of time. People were coming up to me asking for their password resets a lot more because there were more people in the company. That’s what kind of drove my decision to look for an identity management system.

What’s your favorite thing about Okta?

JS: The number one feature I like about Okta is the two-factor authentication, which helps you secure your applications by not only requiring a username and password but also having an application on your phone that generates a number that you also have to enter. This makes it totally secure, and no longer are you relying on just a password, which is very insecure these days.

Given the chance to do it all over again, would you choose Okta?

JS: Given the chance to do it all over again, I would choose Okta in a heartbeat; the competition is just not easy to use, it’s not secure, and it might be on-premises. I want everything to be in the cloud because that’s where I think things are going these days. And that’s what Okta offers. Okta offers security, ease of use and great user experience-- and that’s what we really need.