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People First, Technology Second

Over the past six months, I’ve spoken and written quite a bit about IT’s imperative to transition to a “people first, technology second” mentality, and focus more on delivering experiences than managing technology. In our consumer lives, we live in a mobile-first … Continue reading

17 Customers Who Struck Gold With Okta

We love St. Patrick’s Day here at Okta. Parades, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” pins, green beer… really, what’s not to love? That’s why this March 17 we’re celebrating by highlighting some of our lucky customers – enterprises that chose the … Continue reading

Box: Building a Rich Content User Experience with Okta

You could say life in the cloud is addictive — and when it comes to Box, which is all about user experience, even the little details like accessing the platform matter. To ensure this collaborative experience was as secure and … Continue reading

Oktane13 Session Spotlight with Box: Deploy an Application to 1,000 People in Less than a Minute – and Learn about Integrating Identity into Your Cloud Stack

Guest post by Dan O’Leary, solutions architect at Box. There is nothing more boring than a panel session at a technology conference where someone in marketing gets up for an hour to try and cram as many buzzwords and slides … Continue reading

BoxWorks 2013: Unlocking the Enterprise with Box, Okta and Identity

BoxWorks this year was jam-packed. It has always been a great opportunity to meet with top vendors and users that are committed to the cloud and to improving the enterprise, and this year was no different. With many great sessions … Continue reading

Hiring Talent: CIOs Going for IT Gold

Athletes, musicians, and even businessmen and women know: it takes that certain something “extra” to take home the gold — something you can’t always put your finger on. But how do companies find these talented people with certain unnamable, yet … Continue reading

Box: Thinking Outside the Box with Okta

Jeff Sutton, enterprise IT manager at Box, recently sat down with us to discuss all things Okta — from what first drove Box to looking for an identity management solution to his experience with customer support during implementation. To hear … Continue reading

Recognizing the Password Problem: Two-Factor Authentication in the Spotlight

Verification has been making the news lately. Earlier this month, Box announced that it was adding a two-step login verification, just weeks after Dropbox added two-step verification. And it was Wired journalist Mat Honan’s devastating personal identity hack in August … Continue reading

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Enterprise as Silicon Valley’s Star at BoxWorks

We’ve always said enterprise was cool. Now, it’s hot. (Don’t just take our word for it – take the Wall Street Journal’s.) Enterprise is the “it” topic in the valley right now, and we plan on keeping it that way. … Continue reading

This Week: 5 Featured Apps in the Okta Network

With over 1,000 applications in our Okta Application Network, it’s hard to play favorites. Still, every few weeks, we’ll attempt to highlight a handful of partners that we’re psyched about – and what makes them unique compared to other applications … Continue reading