Rev Up for Oktane16: Pre-Conference Training

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Okta for Healthcare: Okta Debuts HIPAA Compliant Service

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Waking Up With A Fresh Cup of Okta

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Okta’s New Integration with Box for EMM: Don’t Leave Your Data to Luck

Today Okta announced we will support contextual access management with Box for EMM. This new integration seamlessly connects end users to their Box data on mobile and enforces contextual access policies that secure Box at every endpoint. With Okta and Box for EMM, users now have one touch access to the files needed to do their job, and IT organizations get centralized control and visibility into where data is stored and how it is accessed.

Bringing Town Hall to the Cloud: How Okta Helped Peterborough City Council Make the Move

The structure of your local town hall meetings – attendees presenting ideas, voicing opinions and airing grievances to elected officials – may not have changed much over the past decade, but it’s likely the structure of your local council’s IT has. Peterborough City Council’s certainly has. Peterborough City Council, the local authority of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, England, has certainly changed theirs.

Okta Strengthens Partnership with Box through Box Trust Security Ecosystem

Ensuring security has always been an omnipresent concern for businesses. But in today’s world of increased cloud adoption, more of a focus on mobility and the ubiquity of connected APIs, the number of malicious threats has amplified – driving enterprises to rethink traditional security postures. New security models must include both the context of the enterprises’ cloud service providers and, at the same time, that of the knowledge worker’s mobility experience.