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Alex Salazar

VP, Okta Access Gateway

Alex is the former CEO of Stormpath and current VP of the Okta Developer Platform and Application Network. At Stormpath he caught the Identity APIs market early, delivering a great developer experience to thousands of organizations. He's now bringing that expertise to drive Okta's fastest growing product line further, faster. Before starting Stormpath, Alex was crushing quota as account exec at IBM where he managed accounts at ESPN, Viacom, and Bloomberg and drove his managers nuts with his relentless sandbagging. Prior to IBM, Alex was a founding developer at a healthcare SaaS startup no one has ever heard of, before SaaS was even a thing. He has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!) and an MBA from Stanford (Go Cardinal!). Alex has two young, high energy daughters (Anna, 6 and Sasha, 2) that keep him busier than his day job. When he does get a moment to himself, Alex loves to surf his favorite spot in Santa Cruz, hold an amateurish downward dog Yoga pose, and host BBQs with the Green Egg (look it up) he stole from his original co-founder Les.