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Ed Sawma

Ed Sawma

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Ed Sawma is Senior Director of Product Marketing for Okta Customer Identity, Okta’s product line for B2B and B2C apps and consumer IAM (CIAM). Ed previously led product marketing for Okta Workforce Identity. After starting his career in IT consulting, with a focus on system integration and security, Ed led product marketing globally for mobile consumer applications at Motorola.  Prior to Okta, he worked on Microsoft’s IPTV platform.  Ed has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Northwestern University.


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Okta’s Vision for Access Management

The future of Identity and Access Management is changing. Where Access Management (AM) was once one of many components of the legacy IT stack, it is shifting to the central role in how companies will modernize and manage IT – using identity to drive transformational change across all aspects...

Decoding Customer IAM (CIAM) vs. IAM

The world of Identity and Access Management (IAM) is rarely controversial. But today, there is a battle brewing in how we - as an industry - talk about customer-facing use cases for IAM. Many are starting to refer to this as Customer IAM or Consumer IAM, both abbreviated as CIAM....

What is SAML?

From CRMs for salespeople to invoice systems for accountants, the proliferation of SaaS web apps has made life easier for many employees. However, even the adoption of the most productivity-enhancing apps can lead to unintended inefficiencies and risks. These can range from frequent “I forgot my password” calls that inundate...