Webinar: Join us to learn how organizations can securely collaborate in a global economy

Gone are the days when IT was a back office job and software was an internal productivity tool and business was solely conducted between a business and its customers. Today, software is the core component of company strategy, enabling organizations to work in modern business in which customers, employees, partners and contractors all collaborate globally using a litany of microservices.

The cloud, in theory, promises a modern experience that is interconnected, mobile, and always on. But creating this experience also poses an immense challenge for business leaders: balancing security with seamlessness across hundreds, thousands, even millions of users, using multiple devices on a given system. In today’s security world, everything is a priority - so how can a CIO or CXO even begin to make their organization more secure?

In a joint survey with research company IDG, we asked executives across several key departments in a variety of organizations about their digital priorities, challenges and their journey so far. We’ll be revealing the findings in our upcoming webinar on Thursday, September 22 at 11am PT/2pm ET, where we share the findings from the survey to help inform IT on the industry’s best practices from a variety of companies. The one common thread? Seventy-five percent of those execs believed identity management is crucial to enabling their digital business.

Organizations today need a single, secured IT architecture that can manage all applications, identities and devices across the company – and traditional means of identity access management (IAM) can’t keep up with today’s business needs.

There are many factors to consider when updating IAM in an organization, including security, time to deployment, cost of deployment and ensuring agility for future updates.

We go in depth on the challenges of building digital experience and the requirements from a modern IAM system in our latest whitepaper: A Modern Cloud Service for Secure Digital Experiences.

Are you in the process of updating your IT organization? What are some of the challenges you’ve personally encountered in the process?

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you at our webinar discussing this key topic.