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User Management

What is Secure Customer Identity (aka User Management)?

In the modern app ecosystem, virtually every application leverages identity to provide customized and secure user experiences. Customer identity and access management (CIAM), also known as secure user management, or secure customer identity, is the system an application deploys to determine who a user is, and what information they...

Accelerating Enterprise-Grade App Development with Provisioning Workshops

Enterprises are increasingly demanding that software vendors offer single sign-on and provisioning. That’s why Okta is launching a series of workshops to arm developers and ISVs with the tools and support needed to build provisioning into their applications and adopt uniform user management standards for enterprise-grade security and...

Okta Self Service: Helping IT Delight End Users 1,200 Apps at a Time

Okta Application Network – Addressing the Connector Problem

One of the key challenges for IT in the identity management space has been dealing with what is known as the “connecter problem”. Basically, IT has always been challenged with managing the single sign-on integrations for all of their...