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Campaign Manager Okta

Remy Champion

Sr. Campaign Manager

Senior campaign manager Remy Champion has been in the identity space for the last 3+ years, first at Stormpath, and now at Okta, where she helps prospects understand our offerings and benefits. Remy spends her free time outside: open water swimming, hiking, and surfing are just a few of her favorite outdoor activities.

When to Retire the Monolith: Is a Move to Microservices in Your Future?

We’ve seen monumental changes in personal computing over the past few decades. The more sophisticated a device becomes, the more compact its design and the more advanced its capabilities. Take mobile phones: their first iterations were cumbersome and slow compared to the sleek, fast smartphones we now carry in...

Microservices Drive Flexibility. But Where Does Identity Fit In?

Up until recently, most technology architecture has been monolithic, with services and code contained within a single large and complex application. Now, we’re increasingly seeing architecture broken into autonomous units—or microservices—built for specific individual functions. Microservices increase the agility and scalability of an organization by allowing distributed teams to work...