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James Flores

Product Marketing Manager

James Flores has worked in various roles at Okta for the past 3 years. He is currently serving as a member of the Customer Identity team focused on Directory Integrations and Inbound Federation. Prior to his time at Okta, James worked as an IT administrator, experiencing first hand, the day-to-day issues of our customers. He brings this experience with him to everything he does at Okta. In his spare time, James enjoys building things and working to understand new technologies.

How to Keep PII Secure while Migrating Users to the Cloud

Organizations are increasingly leveraging the benefits of the cloud to support employee productivity and IT efficiencies, while also delivering more compelling user experiences to their external customers and partners. Yet migrating these various users to new cloud systems can be fraught with challenges, particularly when it comes to securing highly...

5 Mistakes That Can Drive Up User Migration Costs

If you’re upgrading to new company software, a new operating system, or even moving from on-premises systems to the cloud, you’re thinking about user migration. User migration projects are rarely quick, nor easy, as they demand meticulous planning and attention to detail. However, with proper foresight and preparation, user migrations...

User Management: Designing for Security

At Okta, we see our customers deploy and build a broad range of customer-facing apps. Commonly, these apps support differing audiences, often reflected as segments within a single company, identities across customer companies, or users that span into partner organizations.

Which begs the question: how to centrally manage these...