Byte-Sized Video: Eliminate Complexity When Setting Up Windows Hello for Business

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We all know passwords can be an enterprise’s worst enemy. They create friction for employees, endless hassle for IT teams, and are easily exploitable by bad actors. At Okta, we’ve been looking forward to a passwordless future for a long time, and leveraging the latest cloud technology to make it possible. By supporting biometric authentication factors, organizations like Microsoft are helping to pave the way forward as well.

Windows Hello for Business is an easy and secure way for employees to unlock their Windows 10 devices and access their enterprise apps. But whether you’re activating it out-of-the-box on your new Microsoft machine or adding it to your existing devices, setting up Windows Hello includes an identity verification step where users have to enter their credentials and complete a mandatory step-up auth before creating a unique Windows Hello PIN. 

You might be wondering: is it really necessary to undertake this whole process if you already use Okta as your identity provider? Thankfully, the answer is no. 

With Okta’s seamless integration to Azure AD, we’ve made it easy to enroll in Windows Hello for Business. It works out-of-the-box with Okta Single Sign-On: when you’re setting up Windows Hello, our pass claims functionality lets you use Okta to authenticate, so you don’t have to enroll into Microsoft’s MFA. Watch our byte-sized video to see how it works:



Having a single IdP streamlines your processes and workflows—and when that IdP happens to be Okta, you know your organization is protected by the industry’s leading suite of cloud identity solutions, including Okta Adaptive MFA. Because Okta integrates so seamlessly with Microsoft, your end users don’t need multiple MFA experiences, and your IT admins can avoid maintaining various MFA solutions—everything can be managed through Okta. 

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