Okta Workflows is audit ready for FedRAMP High

Okta Workflows has reached audit-ready status for Okta for Government High

Every day across the federal government, I speak with top leaders who share a common goal—achieving mission outcomes quickly, securely, and efficiently. This agile strategy is also the U.S. government’s way of making meaningful progress on improving customer service and service delivery to build trust with the public.

Adopting modern tools and creating innovative regulatory frameworks is known to lay the groundwork for reducing the time needed to meet performance objectives and deliver on high customer expectations. That’s where Okta Workflows comes in. Workflows is a no-code Identity automation and orchestration platform that enables your teams to build Identity-based experiences. Using simple “if-this-then-that” logic, Workflows makes it easy to embed automation into any Identity-related process, such as customizing users' on- or offboarding, streamlining audits and reporting, and strengthening your security posture.

With that, I’m excited to share our latest milestone in our ongoing commitment to helping the U.S. government enhance productivity, security, and efficiency. Okta Workflows has reached audit-ready status for Okta for Government High, our modern Identity platform built exclusively for U.S. government agencies and their mission partners, at the FedRAMP High authorization level.

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Workflows to reduce costs, boost security, and accelerate time to market. Now, we are extending these powerful capabilities to the U.S. government.

Learn how Okta Workflows can accelerate your mission

For government agencies, efficiency is more than a cost issue. It’s a key metric of the trust and civic pride they share with the American public. Prioritizing efficient service delivery and experiences internally and externally is a core strategy for rebuilding that trust.

Okta Workflows is designed to deliver significant value by automating and orchestrating processes across your agency. Here are some key benefits that our customers have experienced:

  • Grant time-bound access for talent mobility: Automate the task of managing time-bound access to temporary, rotational, and PIV-/CAC-exempt employees so your agency can save time, speed up execution, and strengthen security.
  • Enable real-time alerts of suspicious activity: Gain immediate situational awareness in the event of suspicious activity, enabling real-time communications responses to inform employees and the public of suspected cyber incidents.
  • Elevate public benefits and services through data-sharing initiatives: Automate notifications and communications with common apps to aggregate data across multiple agencies, driving multi-channel notification pilot programs like Notify.gov.
  • Support hybrid, secure Identity proofing: Unite diverse backend proofing technologies into a central, cloud-based directory, providing the public with more options for identity verification. 

Learn more about Okta Workflows hereor explore our detailed data sheet highlighting the real-world impact of Workflows.

At Okta, we strive to earn and maintain your trust. Contact us to learn more about how modern Identity powers your mission.