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Adam Rosenzweig

Senior Manager, Product Impact

Adam Rosenzweig leads Okta’s product impact programs as a member of the Okta for Good team. He is an advocate for nonprofits within Okta and an evangelist for Okta in nonprofit communities around the world. Prior to Okta, Adam spent ten years in the education sector, working on products and services that serve the most vulnerable students in America. He’s a graduate of Pitzer College, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the UC Berkeley-Haas Graduate School of Business.

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Three Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs an Identity Solution

Nonprofits do society’s hardest work. They serve our most vulnerable people, protect our most precious resources, and advocate for our most worthy causes. In short, they strive to make the world a better place for all of us. That’s why Okta is committed to enabling nonprofits to leverage the...

Advancing Okta’s Commitment to Nonprofit Success

Nonprofits do society’s hardest work. They serve our most vulnerable people. They advocate for our dearest causes. They address market failures, and thereby enrich our entire society. That’s why we believe it’s imperative that nonprofits have access to the same cutting-edge technology as commercial entities.

Ten years...