Connect, Collaborate, Create the Next Big Thing with Okta and Box Platform

As enterprises continue to go digital, they’ll be looking for new opportunities to interact and integrate in order to create better experiences for employees, customers and partners. Together, Okta and Box’s platforms enable organizations and developers to build best-in-class identity and content collaboration into their applications, serving as the foundation for new experiences. In addition to sharing that message on our joint billboard on 101, on Wednesday, June 22 we’ll be hosting a webinar about how we’re working with Box to empower B2B collaboration.

Here’s some background on both Platform offerings: Okta’s Platform allows developers to layer powerful identity services into their applications and portals making it easy for customers to authenticate, manage and secure their customers and partners. Adobe, 20th Century Fox, Rotary International and many others have already taken advantage of this functionality, building identity into their products and partner portals. Box has also seen incredible growth in its Platform, which powers the content services within apps, enabling collaboration on important documents and gathering the latest insights in a single source of truth. Box Platform enables developers to support a more collaborative workforce that is powered by mobility, internal and external content collaboration and seamless integration with existing solutions.

What we share with Box is a vision to help organizations and developers create the next big thing — to use our technology to connect and collaborate across all their people, to create new internal and external experiences that provide instant access to critical information, and to provide robust security without sacrificing user experience.

In our joint webinar we’ll help attendees better understand common challenges found in building B2B collaboration apps and how SaaS and PaaS platforms can expedite development of partner tools. Together we hope to accelerate bottom-line results and identify new competitive advantages for Box and Okta customers by digitizing partner and vendor interactions through online portals or custom applications.

To hear more about how you can use Okta and Box to transform your organization, join the webinar on Wednesday starting at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET.