ServiceNow: The Sky’s the Limit with Okta

ServiceNow provides leading cloud-based services to enterprise IT operations, turning manual, reactive IT organizations into automated, task-oriented ones. With 80 percent of their applications sitting in the cloud, ServiceNow turned to Okta to manage the many identities in those apps.

Chris Asing, IT director at ServiceNow, recognized Okta as a strong partner right away. As he told us recently, the trust, confidence and credibility so important in partnerships was all there from the beginning. Okta’s easy implementation process and user’s abilities to easily adapt to it made Okta an easy choice for ServiceNow.

“For us, single sign-on is all about productivity so users don’t have to remember 20 different user IDs and passwords,” Chris said. “Making the choice for Okta is really about simplicity and elegance.”

For more on how Okta has helped strengthen ServiceNow’s business, watch ServiceNow’s customer testimonial video below or on Okta's website.