Identity is Hot: Highlights from Our Inaugural User Conference #Oktane13

Last month, we held our inaugural user conference Oktane13 in San Francisco. The 500+ attendees made the event a huge success. We heard from our co-founder and CEO Todd McKinnon how transformative forces like cloud and mobile are bringing people to the focus of enterprise technology, and why the way we approach our IT has fundamentally changed. We discussed the development of a new, cloud-based IT stack focused on user experience and productivity – and how identity management is at the core of making this shift a success.

Oktane13 was also an opportunity to hear many of our customers and partners share how they are using Okta to achieve their goals – within IT and how they impact broader business strategy. And it would be a shame to not share those those powerful sessions, so over the next month, we’ll share highlights from the 40+ sessions here – and on the Okta Community. Today, we’re kicking things off with a overall recap of the conference:

Other highlights from Oktane13 include keynote sessions from our co-founders Todd McKinnon (here) and Frederic Kerrest (here), author Geoffrey Moore and Andreessen Horowitz’ Ben Horowitz, as well as spotlight sessions from customers and partners like Box, National Geographic and Splunk. We also had the opportunity to hear in-depth sessions about Okta product features, such as custom experiences using Okta APIs and identity for mobile devices.

Trust us when we say there’s much more to come. Stay tuned for additional session recaps and videos.