Cloud Framework Panel Recap: "Started From the Bottom, Now We're Here"

It’s not every day that a panel we’re involved in will prompt coverage with Drake lyrics. And yet, just that happened last week after our CSO David Baker participated in a panel on the ‘New Cloud Framework’ with executives from Druva, Birst and CipherCloud.


As CITEWorld’s Matt Weinberger opened his story on the panel, “the cloud may have started from the bottom, but now it's here.” And it’s true – despite security concerns and a few late-to-the-game legacy players, the cloud is undoubtedly here and it’s here to stay.

Throughout the event, the panelists discussed how we got to this point and what we can do to continually secure and reassure our customers in the present and future. Rachel King at ZDNet highlighted David’s emphasis on the importance of education and transparency in this process in her piece on the panel.

“If a cloud solution isn't transparent, then it isn’t the right one,” David told the audience, discussing how transparency around a vendor’s data security can be key to enabling productive solutions for their users.

Jaspreet Singh, CEO and co-founder of Druva, added, “Security is like an onion – the more you peel, the more you find out.” David agreed, saying that by peeling back these layers and digging deep into what a company is doing operationally, companies can make the best decisions around which apps they should adopt for their company.

Of course, as David pointed out, there are always going to be concerns about security. That’s where Okta’s identity management, Druva’s endpoint backup service, Birst’s BI and CipherCloud’s open security platform come in. Enterprises now have the option to pick best of breed vendors when it comes to finding a solution to fit their specialized security needs, which is why we make security our top priority – so they won’t have to.

"When you go to a bank, do you ask to inspect the vault?” Brad Peters, CEO of Birst, asked. Of course, the answer is no because you trust the bank, just as companies should trust SaaS security – we’re enabling customers to focus less on 'the vault' and more on their business.

For more information about how Okta is increasing security for companies, visit our website and sign up to check out the full video from the New Cloud Framework panel.