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Cloud Framework Panel Recap: “Started From the Bottom, Now We’re Here”

It’s not every day that a panel we’re involved in will prompt coverage with Drake lyrics. And yet, just that happened last week after our CSO David Baker participated in a panel on the ‘New Cloud Framework’ with executives from … Continue reading

Making Security Concerns a Thing of the Past: New Cloud Framework Panel

At Okta, we know that the cloud has become the standard for enterprises, making it easier to manage applications, mobility and the data sprawl involved with those apps and devices. And yet, with cloud adoption comes security concerns – another … Continue reading

Encryption in the Spotlight due to Vulnerable Android Apps

Last week, Ars Technica’s Dan Goodin published a story detailing how downloaded Android applications have the potential to expose the sensitive personal data of more than 185 million users.  Vulnerabilities due to inadequate or incorrect use of SSL/TLS protocol libraries … Continue reading

Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service – Part 2: Development for the Enterprise

Last Tuesday I released part 1 of a series of blog posts that discuss what it takes to have an enterprise-ready cloud service. (As a quick refresher, the idea of defining the enterprise cloud was spurred after the media fall-out … Continue reading

Defining the Enterprise Cloud Service

The barrage of articles and blogs that cropped up following the personal identity hack on Wired’s Mat Honan got me thinking about the importance of security in the cloud. In my experience, what happened to Mat is not a unique … Continue reading

Security Takes Center Stage at RSA Conference – and Other Cloud News

A smattering of cloud news from around the Web … RSA 2012 The 2012 RSA conference kicked off this morning in San Francisco. Featuring 19 tracks and 210 sessions, the five-day conference has already seen some major cloud security news … Continue reading

When it Comes to Cloud Security, Everyone’s Got to Do Their Part

I’ve had a number of conversations with customers and prospects about cloud security recently and have been struck by how divergent people’s views are. Invariably, they fall into one of two camps. One camp, the “server huggers,” thinks the cloud … Continue reading

Are Your Employees’ Gaming Passwords Putting Your Enterprise at Risk?

So we learned last week that hackers successfully broke into one of  Electronic Arts’ systems, accessing a slew of users’ personal information, including email and mailing addresses, phone numbers and birth dates. The breach raises concerns about password security in … Continue reading