Oktane15 Insider’s Guide – Security Edition


Oktane15 is just a few days away! In preparation for the event, we’re highlighting must-see sessions and activities categorized by theme so you can rock our annual user conference like a pro – whether you’re an Oktane veteran or joining us for the first time. In the third and final edition of our blog series, here’s your Oktane15 Insider’s Guide to all things security.

Must-See Sessions:

Panel: IT in the Cloud is a Team Sport (Tuesday, November 3 @ 10:45 - 11:30am): As the role of IT continues to change with technology innovation, CIOs are increasingly looking to the cloud service model to gain efficiency and stay competitive. Justin Somaini, Chief Trust Officer at Box, Matt Schvimmer, VP and General Manager at ServiceNow, and Bryan Wiese, VP of Identity & Access Management at Optiv Security as they discuss trends in the hybrid IT paradigm and share how cloud service providers are integrating technology to help organizations stay secure.

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Identity is the New Perimeter. So, Now What? (Wednesday, November 4 @ 11:45am - 12:45pm): Attack surfaces and defense mechanisms are changing as organizations transition from on-premises environments toward hybrid and cloud-first architectures. Okta’s Chief Security Officer David Baker will chat with Kal Dhinsa, Director of Information Security and SaaS Operations at Virgin Pulse, Chris Borkenhagen, Global IT VP at Concur, and Josh Feinblum, VP of Information Security at Rapid7, about what their teams are doing to stay secure when traditional perimeters erode, and how Okta and other services can help.

Gather Tips and Tricks from Fellow Customers:

Western Union’s Head-on Approach to Protecting Cloud Data with Skyhigh + Okta (Tuesday, November 3 @ 10:45 - 11:30am): With cloud and mobile increasingly moving data outside secured perimeters, enterprises are adopting new strategies to enforce pervasive security controls to protect data wherever it lives. In this session, Mike Bartholomy, Senior Manager of InfoSec at Western Union, and Harold Byun, Head of Product Management at Skyhigh Networks, will share best practices for standardizing sanctioned cloud services, detecting behavioral patterns indicative of compromised accounts and achieving compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.5ANWcbpEtCVbIdGnInvBHCeX5dAydx3u6tgdTDMT7SQ7s NCFYIYmBWBZ1k24FqyfZ shs85id47Kg9fESZ9kZeciNgyOeW1VHwxj0n9dp3wqxjkFjfk1oMPX0NbcCI6AWnLtM8B

Driving Agility for M&A in the Enterprise (Wednesday, November 4 @ 10:45 - 11:30am): By using Okta Universal Directory and basing identity management in the cloud, administrators avoid the need to implement domain trusts, deal with complex ADFS implementations or maintain the unwieldy DirSync. Hear how Chris Dodds, Lead Enterprise Systems Engineer at Seventy Seven Energy (NYSE: SSE), has implemented Universal Directory to feed all company applications and directories.

For Extra Credit:

Although we can almost guarantee you won’t want to leave Oktane, come Wednesday evening we’ll all be packing up to head home. Security enthusiasts, get ready to see science-fiction level protection firsthand: using Clear at McCarran International Airport, you can soar through the security line within minutes. Enrolled passengers verify their identities with Clear’s biometric scanning system by simply inserting their cards into the kiosk, scanning their boarding passes and then taking a biometric fingerprint scan.

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For more, don’t miss our Oktane15 Insider’s Guides for Mobility and Platform. Be sure to check out the full agenda and follow along at #Oktane15. See you in Las Vegas!