Phil Ibarrola of ThoughtWorks Calls Oktane16 the “Connective” Conference

The countdown to Oktane16 continues. We’re just 35 days away from the conference – register to immerse yourself in all things Okta and talk to fellow IT leaders about building digital experiences. This year’s agenda includes 40+ breakout sessions and customer stories, several opportunities to demo the product, and an all-star line-up of Okta and guest keynote speakers.

Since Oktane is our annual customer conference, we’re letting our customers do the talking for us in regards to why you should attend Oktane16. Most recently, we sat down with Phil Ibarrola, ThoughtWorks’ Techops Head of Technology.

Phil: Hi, I’m Phil Ibarrola. I’m currently the TechOps Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks. I’ve been with the company 11 years, so I’ve worn a lot of different hats in that time. Our partnership with Okta began three years ago when our SSO solution started to reach its breaking point. It was causing a lot of issues across the organization, so I was tasked with solving the problem. I found the solution with Okta.

Okta: Great, thanks, Phil! Now tell us why should someone go to Oktane.

Phil: People should go to Oktane because it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with other users in the Okta ecosystem. You can talk to other customers and gain insight as to how they’re solving real world problems with Okta, as well as other IT solutions. Attending Oktane also provides you with access to product managers, who are always receptive to feedback, and Okta partners who can provide direction that will enable you to gain additional value from your service.

The keynote addresses and panel discussions are also major reasons to attend. They are inspiring and serve as the launching point for maximizing your investment with Okta. Understanding Okta’s vision will allow you to better shape your organization’s IT roadmap.

Okta: What is your favorite memory from Oktane?

Phil: My favorite memory is from the first Oktane conference when Todd and Frederic shared Okta’s origin story. They were very entertaining, but I was truly inspired by the company’s humble beginnings and the co-founders’ dedication to building the company the right way.

Okta: And how has Oktane enabled you to do more with Okta?

Phil: The connections we have made at Oktane, both within Okta and within the user ecosystem, have helped us make the most out of our investment. We were able to discuss other use cases directly with engineers and product managers. We’ve exchanged information and ideas with other customers using an app stack similar to ours. These conversations often transitioned from identity to solving complex business problems.

Okta: What do you hope to accomplish at Oktane16?

Phil: This year, ThoughtWorks will have a larger presence at Oktane. We hope this will allow more ThoughtWorkers to experience Oktane, enabling us to amplify the IT and business success that’s occurred in the past. Hopefully our expanded presence will allow us to contribute more, while also getting more out of Oktane and Okta.

Okta: Describe Oktane in one word.

Phil: Whenever someone asks me a “in one word” question, I always think of Will Ferrell as George W. Bush, but let me give it a shot. Oktane in a word: connective.

As Oktane has grown over the years, so has the energy and enthusiasm brought to the event. If you are an Okta customer, you need to come out and experience the conference. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Okta: Let’s wrap-up with a fun fact about yourself.

Phil: My tenure with ThoughtWorks, compounded by my ability to remember trivial details has bestowed upon me the nickname, “Historian.”

Phil isn’t the only customer talking all things Oktane! Be sure to check out what our other customers are saying. There’s still time to register for the conference, and don’t forget to submit for an Oktane Award! Don’t miss a moment of Oktane16 and start building your agenda today.