Cloud Apps Enable Better User Experience with SCIM

Since launching our SCIM Provisioning Developer Program in June, over 70 cloud application vendors have joined the program and successfully enabled their apps with provisioning via Okta — all using the SCIM standard.

We checked back in with a few of our early program participants to learn how enabling provisioning via SCIM has helped their businesses.

Eric Crane, Product Manager at Envoy, discusses how enabling provisioning helps provide a better visitor registration experience.

Monika Gilmore, Product Manager at Lucid Software, shares how enabling provisioning helps deliver more seamless collaboration to end-users and better control to IT.

For those of you considering joining the program, the last online SCIM training of the year is scheduled for November 17th, and you can register for the training here. The core program — including documentation, QA tools, Okta support, and validation — remains open: register for the SCIM provisioning developer program here.