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Kevin Gough

Director, Product Marketing

Kevin Gough is Director of Product Marketing for the Okta Application Network. Before Okta, Kevin spent nine years at Google where helped start the Google for Work & Education division. While there, he led marketing for Google Apps, Search, and Chromebooks.

A social entrepreneur, Kevin stopped out of Stanford to found SSB BART Group, a developer tools and services business that helps make technology accessible to people with disabilities. And he co-founded Peers to advocate for portable benefits for independent workers. As a youth, Kevin sang on the soundtracks to Edward Scissorhands and Flatliners.

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SCIM: Picking Up Tailwinds

We’re a year into our SCIM provisioning developer program, and we’re happy to report that many top SaaS vendors are starting to adopt the SCIM standard. As an Okta customer, that means you can automate user onboarding and offboarding across more apps than ever, saving IT time and increasing...

What is SCIM?

SCIM , or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is an open standard that allows for the automation of user provisioning. It was created in 2011 as it became clear that the technology of the future would be cloud-based. SCIM communicates user identity data between identity providers (such...

OAN Expands Behind the Firewall, Below the App: Adds Networking and IaaS Integrations

The Okta Application Network (OAN) has grown to include pre-built integrations for over 5,000 cloud, on-prem and mobile applications, with rich capabilities, like “app-as-master” which drives IT provisioning and intelligent user off-boarding, helping automate the user lifecycle. But Okta’s mission to connect everything expands far beyond applications. We’re excited to...

Accelerating Enterprise-Grade App Development with Provisioning Workshops

Enterprises are increasingly demanding that software vendors offer single sign-on and provisioning. That’s why Okta is launching a series of workshops to arm developers and ISVs with the tools and support needed to build provisioning into their applications and adopt uniform user management standards for enterprise-grade security and...