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SCIM: Picking Up Tailwinds

Kevin G
Kevin Gough
Director, Product Marketing - Workforce Identity

We’re a year into our SCIM provisioning developer program, and we’re happy to report that many top SaaS vendors are starting to adopt the SCIM standard. As an Okta customer, that means you can automate user onboarding and offboarding across more apps than ever, saving IT time and increasing security. We’ve also added support for better group management of SCIM-enabled apps, including group push and mastering via Okta, that can make these integrations even more useful.

Leading apps support SCIM
Some of the fastest-growing apps in our latest Businesses at Work report, like Lucidchart and Envoy, were the first to adopt SCIM as they needed a way to quickly onboard all their new customers. Now, we’re seeing adoption from SaaS veterans and newcomers alike:

  • Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results. (Configuration guide)
  • Workiva is a collaborative work management platform for enterprise finance, accounting, compliance, and operations teams. (Configuration guide)
  • SpaceIQ helps fast-growing companies manage their workplace with fewer resources and less time. (Configuration guide)
  • Proxyclick helps create positive connections with office visitors and contractors that last long after their sign in. (Configuration guide)
  • Github.com is a development platform where you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers. (Configuration guide)

You can add and configure these apps from the Okta Application Network (OAN) catalog in your Okta admin interface.

Early Access to more SCIM apps
Moving forward, we’re changing the software vendor-built SCIM integration approval process with the goal of giving Okta customers access to SCIM integrations sooner. Here’s the updated process:

  1. The software vendor and Okta complete initial QA of the app

  2. The vendor identifies an initial beta customer they’ll work with to address any outstanding issues

  3. We make the app available in a Community Verified, Beta state to all customers

  4. Once the initial beta customer has validated the integration, we graduate the app to Okta Verified

You can keep tabs on which apps are available in Beta by reading Okta’s product release notes.

Our latest SCIM update: Group management

Group Mastering v2.jpg

With this update, we’ve added the #1 most-requested feature: group push and group mastering. Now, you can automatically manage groups in your SCIM-enabled app directly from existing groups in Okta, AD, G Suite, and other systems of record. With group push, you can provision groups from Okta into an application and master their memberships going forward. With group mastering, you can also link to and assume management of an existing group within an application. We’ve launched Early Access support for group mastering for Box and G Suite. Review developer docs.

Join us for a free training session on the SCIM protocol and how to build a SCIM-based provisioning integration for your apps.

SCIM training session details:
Date: May 30, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Location: WebEx Virtual Classroom
Instructor: Chris Barry, Principal Technical Instructor
Cost: Free
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Kevin G
Kevin Gough
Director, Product Marketing - Workforce Identity

Kevin Gough is Director of Product Marketing for the Okta Integration Network. Before Okta, Kevin spent nine years at Google where helped start the Google for Work & Education division. While there, he led marketing for Google Apps, Search, and Chromebooks.

A social entrepreneur, Kevin stopped out of Stanford to found SSB BART Group, a developer tools and services business that helps make technology accessible to people with disabilities. And he co-founded Peers to advocate for portable benefits for independent workers. As a youth, Kevin sang on the soundtracks to Edward Scissorhands and Flatliners.

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