Seeing Success in Okta’s SCIM Provisioning Program

In today’s workforce, organizations don’t want to (nor should they have to!) compromise on security and productivity. They fully expect single-sign-on and provisioning be built into all of the applications their people want to use for work. That’s why earlier this year, we introduced the SCIM Provisioning Developer Program to help developers and ISVs automate user lifecycle management for their applications — making account creation, profile updates, authorization settings, and account deactivation easier than ever before.

Want to hear about latest OAN apps who’ve added support for provisioning via Okta using the SCIM standard? Well, you’ve come to the right place:

  • SRXP: “With the SRXP app, clients regain control over their employee corporate spendings and experience a "one-click" processing method. Our clients demand seamless and secure user provisioning among countless employee directories worldwide. Using SCIM with Okta, SRXP realized a 60% reduction in implementation time for its new clients during their on-boarding. As market leader in the Netherlands, SRXP has to keep up with the highest industrial standards and that requires innovation. Together with Okta, we are able to make a real difference in the entire expense management process.” - Sanne van Opstal, Manager, Sales and Business Development, SRXP

  • MindTickle: “MindTickle’s Sales Readiness solution enables companies to boost sales productivity through better onboarding, coaching, and ongoing enablement. We implemented SCIM so that our customers can leverage the user profile information from their Okta accounts to provide highly targeted content to the end-users and the ability to drive stronger insights from the analytics.” - Deepak Diwakar, Co-founder

  • Instructure: “Instructure’s Canvas and Bridge cloud services enable organizations everywhere to easily develop, deliver and manage engaging face-to-face and online learning experiences. We implemented SCIM so that our customers could take advantage of the robust profile information found in their Okta accounts without spending too much time worrying about how that data will stay in sync.” - Melissa Loble, VP, Platform & Partnerships, Instructure

  • woolloo: “woolloo is a mobile content delivery platform that simplifies brand alignment, enablement and sales execution like never before. marketing and sales professionals can now drive faster sale cycles while gaining insights into what truly resonates with customers. We implemented SCIM to allow our customers already using SSO to provision users autonomously and keep user information up-to-date in woolloo by syncing it with Okta. As a result, marketing can worry less about user management and focus more on content and brand delivery.” - Aidan Haines, Product Manager, woolloo

For more details on Okta and the SCIM integration, hear from Tim Gu, our very own Senior Product Manager:

If you’re eager to get involved, join Tim, myself and the developers and product managers working on these innovative apps in our SCIM Provisioning Developer Program.