Securing a Hybrid Environment with Okta + F5

At Okta, creating secure connections for our customers is the top priority. Although more and more applications are being moved to the cloud, many customers operate in a hybrid environment with key applications remaining on-premises. For these organizations with on-premises IT infrastructure, our partnership with F5 Networks ensures that end-users can access the right apps at the right time in the most secure and efficient way. The joint solution enables enterprises to securely expose on-prem web applications to people outside their company and replace legacy Web Application Management solutions with a unified approach to SSO.

F5 is a valuable Okta partner and we’re excited to see them continue bolstering their security offering with the recent launch of the Herculon product set. Like Okta, F5 is committed to providing customers with the best in IT and network security, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

“We are excited to see two of our partners bringing a best of breed, hybrid cloud and on-premises security solution to the market,” said Brent Wissbrod at Accenture Security. “Many enterprises today have a hybrid IT environment with users logging on via cloud to a variety of applications, from a variety of devices. The F5 + Okta partnership offers a compelling and efficient way for IT managers and end-users to manage, adopt and access cloud and on-premises applications.”

With F5 BIG-IP APM integrated with Okta, end-users can authenticate once into Okta and seamlessly access apps behind the firewall. In addition, F5 BIG-IP APM extends Okta’s authentication capability to applications that do not have native authentication mechanisms or support header-based authentication. F5 BIG-IP APM also provides an additional layer of security for on-prem applications by securing all HTTP traffic to and from an application.

As we ensure our customers can securely access their apps regardless of whether they are in the cloud or on-prem, F5 will continue to be a key partner for us. For an in-depth look at our joint solution with F5, check out the comprehensive integration guide for web access management with F5 BIG-IP.


F5 Herculon