Celebrating Okta’s Customers with our Customer Advocacy Program

Readers of our blog may be familiar with the success stories our customers tell about how they’ve evolved from legacy systems to a cloud-first strategy and how the Okta Identity Cloud has helped enable transformations for their organizations. Our customers’ journeys reveal the critical role that technology plays in advancing their organizations, and identity’s role in that transformation.

To celebrate these forward-thinking customers, we’re thrilled to launch the Okta Customer Advocacy Program, an annual look at our customers who proudly tell their story. These customers share their success from the top of the mountain. They speak at Oktane, Forums, User Groups and industry events. They connect with media and analysts. They participate in reference calls and actively engage in our online advocacy hub, the Ozone. They do a lot, and for that we are thankful.

Our new Customer Advocacy Program provides a platform for you, our customers, to share your stories, establish yourselves as industry thought-leaders, and connect with other forward-thinking individuals. Additional benefits of the program include:

  • Introductions to top media outlets to share your IT transformation

  • Invitation to promote your story on Okta's website and participate in a customer journey

  • VIP perks and passes to Oktane

  • Opportunities to speak at third-party, industry and Okta events - speaker coaching included

  • Networking opportunities with peers

  • Membership in the Okta Ozone, our online community where you’ll have access to exclusive beta programs, interaction with product teams, and more

  • Dedicated Okta Advocate gear to show you’re part of the movement

  • Exclusive opportunities to promote your company and build your personal brand

    We’ve created three tiers recognizing individuals for their level of engagement and ways they’ve engaged with Okta over the past year.

  1. Scouts help bridge future customers to Okta and share their experience with potential and current customers looking to learn from their peers. They are the top members of the OZone, speak at User Groups, participate in reference calls and help tell the Okta story through their great social advocacy efforts.

  2. Pioneers take advocacy to the next level by speaking at Oktane, engaging with media and analysts, sharing their success story on the Okta website, and continuously helping with reference calls.

  3. Captains are the elite thought leaders who drive organizational change. We’re thankful to have them on speed dial when it comes to advocacy and are proud to introduce them to media and share their story at Oktane.

You’re all already doing impressive work and we’re thrilled to provide a few additional channels to share that success with the world, while also promoting your incredible brands.

We're excited to welcome and congratulate the first 300 members of the Okta Customer Advocacy Program! We can’t thank you, our customers, enough for the ways you engage with us, and advocate for Okta, and we look forward to the many opportunities ahead.

Join them and get involved with the program here.