Success Gets Certified — And More Updates from the CS Team as We Ramp Up for Oktane17!

At Okta, customer success is our number one company value. And as the Chief Customer Officer, it’s my team’s job to help you make the most of your investment in Okta, to drive your technology initiatives forward, and ultimately help you achieve your missions.

We're always looking for feedback around our services, training, support and communications so that we can continue to meet your needs. And we appreciate the honest feedback you've shared with us. We endeavor to take your feedback into account, address your concerns and update you on our progress. With that in mind, I’m excited to share a few updates from the customer success team.

Oktane Pre-Conference Training — and Certification: This year, we’ll expand on Oktane16’s successful pre-conference training sessions, and we’re thrilled to offer on-site certification exams for conference attendees. At Oktane17, you’ll not only have the opportunity to get hands-on training with Okta, complete lab activities, and learn from our expert instructors, but you’ll also be able to prove your knowledge through testing. We encourage you to spend two days learning in our pre-conference courses, or a couple of hours demonstrating your proficiency by taking an Okta Certification exam. Find more details here.

More Certifications — Okta Certified Consultant: Since announcing our certification program last year, we’ve enabled countless customers and partners to demonstrate their expertise and gain a competitive professional edge as Okta Certified Professionals and Okta Certified Administrators. We’re now offering you the chance to prove yourself as Okta Certified Consultants. This certification is designed for implementation personnel proficient at implementing the Okta service in a variety of configurations. Learn more about how Kpayah Tamba and his team are building a world-class certification program at Okta.

Hello, Help Center: Okta’s new Help Center should be your go-to destination for connecting with experts, getting your questions answered, and offering your expertise. From browsing our technical knowledge base or enrolling in one of our many training courses to connecting with peers and checking our events calendar for user groups happening near you — the new integrated customer portal offers something for everyone, regardless of where you are in your Okta journey.

Help Desk Training: With the introduction of Help Desk Training, your help desk teams will be able to hit the ground running in supporting your Okta org. Enrolled students will learn what Okta is and how it will benefit them in supporting their end users. This private learning experience is designed to quickly ramp your help desk team on the key Okta end-user support processes that they will be responsible for at go-live.

Feature Release Video Series: We heard directly from many of you that we could be sharing more information on product updates. In response, we launched a new video series to keep Okta administrators updated on exciting new features and updates to the product. Each video includes a download on the new features, along with a demo, and best practices to help you avoid common integration issues.

Let us know what else you want to see and hear from us, and we hope to see you all at Oktane17!