Introducing the Businesses @ Work Dashboard: Showcasing Popular and Fast-Growing Apps

During the Oktane17 keynote presentation, our CEO Todd McKinnon, unveiled (and live demoed!) the new Businesses @ Work Dashboard, which was created in response to the growing interest in our annual Businesses @ Work report. Our customers, partners, and so many others love interesting data; and Businesses @ Work is just that. “Look forward to the insights (+ design) of @okta's #BusinessesatWork each year. Keep up the great work!!” tweeted a product manager prior to the release of our most recent report. Businesses @ Work examines how organizations and people work today, and the apps and services they use to be productive. This data is very dynamic and constantly changes, so we decided to make it available on a more regular basis. With the new dashboard, you can now look at the most popular and fastest growing apps, updated on a quarterly basis, and filterable by things like industry, date range, or company size. Over time, we intend to add more functionality to the dashboard and update the data even more regularly.

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To create Businesses @ Work and the new Dashboard, we anonymized data from the thousands of organizations, applications, custom integrations, and millions of daily users that are connected in the Okta Identity Cloud. Okta’s network of over 5,000 public application integrations (and over 50,000 privately created applications) is used by thousands of customers every day. As Todd explained during his keynote, “that usage generates important insights about technology trends in the world. It helps you plan out your ecosystem, knowing what’s hot, what should be adopted, and what you should be looking at to drive your company forward.”

We believe this dashboard will be valuable in a number of ways. You can:

  • See how you stack up: Compare your tech stack to your peers to see how your adoption of cloud applications looks relative to organizations of similar size or industry.
  • Do research: Investigate what’s happening within a specific app category you’re interested in or discover which enterprise apps are growing fastest.
  • Build a case: Use this data as a proof-point to get internal buy-in for a new company-wide or department specific app.

We’re already seeing interesting developments in the data since our January Businesses @ Work report.

  • Slack's growth continues to skyrocket. It recently passed JIRA, and is now the 7th most popular app in our network
  • Office 365 continues to accelerate in its adoption, growing its lead as most popular app in our network
  • The Fastest Growing Apps chart has also evolved quite a bit since January. In the dashboard, you can see the latest trend in security and management software related apps with both Jamf and DigiCert trending up. Zoom continues to show impressive growth as well.

We’re really excited to share this new tool with you! Get started today: