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Businesses at Work 2024

Using anonymized data from over 18,800 global customers and the Okta Integration Network, Okta has identified the key insights you need to stay ahead of global app and business trends.

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Image of colleagues smiling and sitting around a conference table with a laptop, smartphones and notepads in hand.

In this year's report, we explore top apps by country, the latest automation trends, the rise of compliance tools, and the continued growth of biometric-based authentication.


Here’s a deeper look.

Top 10 fastest-growing apps


From complying to designing to downright surprising

This year’s fastest-growing list features a range of applications, from compliance and legal tools, to expense management and design.


For the first time ever, data compliance tools enter the top 10 fastest-growing apps list — and in a big way. Two of the 10 apps fall into this category, with Vanta topping the list at 338% YoY customer growth. 

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Legal, travel, and business supplies all on the rise

Whether it’s legal getting a leg up, travel flying high, or business supplies getting the job done, there are a few standout app categories this year.

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YoY customer growth for legal tools


YoY customer growth for design software


YoY unique user growth for travel apps


YoY unique user growth for business supply apps

Growth of app categories

Chart showing year over year growth of app categories.

New entrants to the growth quadrant include electronic signature tools, posting 25% YoY growth in unique users, and content collaboration apps with 13% user growth.

App adoption is up again

After the past few years of stalled growth, the average number of apps being deployed per company grew 4% YoY to 93. The return to growth reflects companies continuing to build out their toolboxes, adopting new best-of-breed tools rather than just making do.


A look at app use globally:


Most popular apps

List of most popular apps, ranked by overall, startups and Fortune 500s companies.

From tech startup to Fortune 500

There’s a great deal of variation in the top 15 most popular apps, depending on whether we’re looking at tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, or organizations overall.


Slack and Zendesk rank much higher among tech startups, while ServiceNow, Workday, and Snowflake take up the conversation for the Fortune 500.


Developer tools like Atlassian Product Suite and GitHub appear across all three lists.

Get the full picture

Access insights from over 18,800 global customers and the Okta Integration Network.

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Go with the flow

Whether for automating maintenance, lifecycle management, or security processes, Okta Workflows adoption is on the rise — and tech companies are leading the way.

The most popular Workflows connectors support collaboration apps. Slack is the most popular connector by number of customers.

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YoY growth in the number of tech sector customers leveraging Workflows


YoY growth in the number of customers using Workflows to automate operations and maintenance 


YoY growth in the number of customers using Workflows for lifecycle management


YoY growth in the number of customers using security Workflows templates

Workflows adoption by industry

Graph of Workflows adoption by industry.

Tech leads Workflows adoption

The tech sector has the overall highest Workflows adoption, with 36% YoY growth in the number of accounts deploying Workflows.


The average number of Workflows deployed in the tech sector rose from 38 to 56 over the past year.

Everyone is stepping up their MFA game

Security questions are on the decline. Instead, organizations are embracing more secure forms of authentication, such as biometrics and security keys.

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YoY increase in the number of unique users deploying security keys and biometrics


YoY increase in the number of companies deploying security keys and biometrics


YoY increase in the number of government customers deploying security keys and biometrics


YoY decrease in the number of banking and finance customers deploying security questions as a factor

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