Okta Certifications in the Top Tier of Highest Paying IT Certifications Globally

Are you Okta certified? If you are not, it might be time to consider attaining an Okta certification. Okta certifications are amongst the best IT certifications based on salary. In Certification Magazine’s all-new 2018 Salary Survey, two of Okta’s certifications ranked 15 and 18 in the US, and eight and nine globally, out of the top 75 highest paying IT certifications.

As indicated in the survey findings, individuals who hold the Okta Certified Administrator (OCA) certification, on average, reported earning $133,850 in the US and $117,990 worldwide. Individuals who hold the Okta Certified Professional (OCP) certification, on average, reported earning $132,640 in the US and $117,230 worldwide.

This year’s Salary Survey included more than 900 certifications. The list of 75 top-paying certifications (top 8 percent), is ranked by average base salary reported by credential holders in 2017 and drawn from the most statistically relevant certifications in the survey (i.e., certifications held by the largest number of survey respondents). While the survey is global, according to Certification Magazine, 56 percent of all respondents were from the US.

So, what does this mean for individuals who hold Okta certifications? Well, in addition to winning the CEdMA Innovation Award in 2017, the findings from this survey further support the points that: (1) you are in good company, (2) Okta certifications are in demand, (3) individuals who hold Okta certifications are well-paid, and (4) Okta certifications are worth more than bragging rights.

Globally, there is a consensus that there is high value in getting certified:

  • Preparing for certification sharpens a person’s skills. According to the Salary Survey, 50.4 percent of respondents reported they use skills they learned or enhanced while preparing for certification several times a day in their current job role.
  • Being certified results in higher productivity. 67% reported they are more productive overall as a result of getting certified.
  • The results last. Fifty-four percent of respondents believe certifications will become more valuable and impactful in the future.

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Haven’t been certified yet? Respondents to the survey ranked the Okta Certified Administrator (OCA) amongst the top 40 out of the 900+ certifications that they are interested in getting next. The good news? We make it easy. Okta certification exams are delivered over the web and monitored live by a human proctor and are available 24/7.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Read the Program Handbook to learn more about the certification, eligibility rules, and policies.

  2. Read the Program Agreement. All candidates for certification must consent to the terms outlined in the program agreement before taking any Okta certification exams.

  3. Review the study guide for the Okta Professional Certification Exam. It is loaded with tons of useful pieces of information on the topics covered on the exam, length and format of the exam, and links to resources used to develop questions on the exam.

  4. Take the Okta Professional Practice Exam. A practice test will let you experience the format of the exam beforehand.

  5. Review the Examity User Guide before creating an account with Examity, Okta’s certification exam proctor. Schedule your exam with Examity.

  6. Go!

Learn more about Okta certifications here: https://www.okta.com/services/certification/. Get certified now, or join us at Oktane18, Okta’s premier conference for customers and partners. Attend pre-conference training or take a certification exam while at Oktane18.