The Okta Help Center — New and Improved

Customer success is our #1 value at Okta and drives every decision we make. The Okta Help Center (OHC) is at the heart of delivering on our mission to make every customer successful. As a central hub where you can 1. get product questions answered, 2. share your ideas for new features, and 3. network with fellow Okta admins, the OHC is where learning and support, peer-to-peer success, and customer-driven product innovation intersect.

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Welcome to your new and improved Okta Help Center

We consistently hear from our customers that easy access to information, connecting with peers, trust, and transparency are what you value most. With those guideposts in mind, we’ve made a number of updates to the OHC that we’re excited to share here. Based on your feedback, we made the OHC easier to navigate with a cleaner design and improved search capabilities. With this new layout, we’ve delivered a simpler, more intuitive user experience. Questions, idea submissions, and user groups are accessible right from the homepage. We have also added an improved Search feature with advanced filtering capabilities to quickly surface articles, questions, and other Okta resources to optimize your Okta experience.

Community means customer-driven innovation

We’re always innovating and want to ensure that our customers’ needs drive our product roadmap decisions. We encourage you to submit feature ideas through the OHC and vote on those submitted by your peers. Because so much of Okta’s innovation is fueled by your feedback, we’ve added the ability to track where your ideas lie on our roadmap, now accessible on the Okta Help Center homepage. You can also discover and sign up for available beta programs in the OHC, enabling you to stay at the forefront of our product innovation.

Trust and transparency

Okta is committed to trust and transparency. In this spirit, we’ve redesigned our Trust site from the ground up. We introduced a dashboard-style design, consolidated incident categories, and provided more incident details, including cell information, impacted audiences, and an incident summary. Plus, you can now easily navigate our service availability history and any corresponding incident details.

We continue to invest in trust and transparency, with a new focus on providing a more custom experience for Okta admins. We’ve built functionality allowing admins to authenticate into the Okta Trust site. This authenticated experience to Trust allows Okta admins a more granular view, including:

  • Deep-linked reports in your admin console, allowing for seamless visibility into login and authentication details of your Okta org.
  • Service availability info that matters to you— cell-by-cell availability status, enabling Okta admins to easily identify whether a trust incident impacts their Okta cell or not.

New: Always On trust notifications

To continue with our Always On philosophy, we’re happy to introduce Trust Incident email notifications. Now, Okta admins can easily subscribe to receive real-time email updates on in progress incidents, ensuring complete transparency when you need it most.

Increasing transparency with our product roadmap

Want to stay in the loop on new features? Our six-month product roadmap is available on the OHC. We’ve added the ability to filter based on product or lifecycle state, so you have the view you want of upcoming features. Our product roadmap is displayed in real time; when an Okta product manager moves a product from beta to early access to general access, these updates are immediately reflected in the roadmap. We’re also adding information like tracking dates to the product roadmap. This tracking links back to the ideas you’ve submitted to us, giving you better visibility into the full feature lifecycle, from idea inception through to delivery! To further deliver a closed loop experience, you’ll be able to sign up for beta or early access features directly from the roadmap. Simply click the Enable this Feature button on qualified product roadmap items, and you’ll be navigated directly into your Okta org to turn on the feature.

Enable this featue button

The roadmap for the roadmap

We’re working hard to improve our Okta admin experience, including building out subscriptions and notifications so you can easily track the product roadmap items that are most relevant to your organization.

Stay tuned, and please continue to send us your valuable feedback. As we hope these updates have demonstrated—we’re listening!