3 Top Enterprises Making IAM a Priority

To be competitive is to be proactive. Companies in every industry have to identify and address demands if they’re to get (and stay) ahead. Each company has its own challenges, but the need to modernize IT impacts organizations across all industries.

A major part of this modernization is improved identity and access management (IAM). Companies need to find better ways to offer simple yet secure access—not just for employees, but for customers and partners as well. According to Gartner, the lines between employee, B2B, and B2C identity solutions are blurring, and increasing demands—both in terms of user expectations and industry regulations—are forcing companies to find better IAM solutions.

Whether a company needs to improve the end user experience, integrate a vast library of apps, or offer better protection against data breaches; the solution is IAM, and solving one challenge often addresses several others. Here are five industry-leading companies leveraging Okta solutions to meet IAM needs.

Nasdaq implements a single source of truth

Nasdaq provides technology that underpins 85 marketplaces in 50 countries, so it’s no surprise that it has to comply with strict regulations. In the past, modern cloud apps and platforms had to be integrated with internal solutions, and the result was a complex network of controls that made IAM difficult. With a rising number of users accessing an increasing number of internal, cloud, and mobile platforms, it was clear that the existing system would not be able to keep up for much longer.

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When looking for an identity solution that was easier to manage and scale, Nasdaq identified three priorities: security, reliability, and ease of use. It quickly became apparent that Okta could provide all three. All of Nasdaq’s existing apps and solutions were unified on Okta, and Single Sign-On (SSO) was rolled out across the organization so that each user only had to remember one password. A powerful security layer ensured that credentials could not be compromised, yet it operated so seamlessly that it was unnoticeable to users. The solution has been so effective that whenever Nasdaq considers a new application, Okta integration is a prerequisite.

Cardinal Health prioritizes the user experience

Cardinal Health is a leading healthcare provider—and a Fortune Global 500 company—with millions of customers. Yet for all its success, Cardinal Health’s approach to IAM was originally a patchwork of customized solutions. This meant that its 60,000 global associates were offered a disjointed user experience, and IT teams were left keeping an in-house solution as up to date as possible, while dealing with regular customer service and password reset requests.

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Working with Okta, Cardinal Health reinvented the way it authenticated users. This included a seamless login interface, self-service password recovery options, and account unlock capabilities with authentication factors such as SMS, voice, and secondary email. The organization migrated more than 100 legacy apps to Okta in a single weekend, reducing login friction for users and making it much easier for IT teams to manage accounts.

Con Edison improves security with API Access Management

Con Edison is an energy and utilities company that supplies electricity, gas, and steam to 3.4 million customers across New York City and Westchester County. Already an Okta customer, Con Edison realized that APIs were becoming a popular attack vector, and that it should better secure its backend systems. With different teams and third-party vendors needing to touch Con Edison APIs and access data, the organization required a way to manage 15 million monthly API requests securely.

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With this in mind, Con Edison chose to leverage Okta’s best-of-breed API Access Management solution, which secures all API endpoints, digital channels, source systems on the backend, and the entire service layer. Okta enabled company IT to control access at a granular level, examining the defined policies, scopes, rules, and claims for every application and user. As a result, Con Edison could deliver an integrated digital experience to its customers, while making sure that the APIs behind it didn’t become a vulnerability.


5 Top Enterprises Making IAM a Priority from Okta-Inc

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