Growing our San Francisco Base: Welcome to our New HQ

2018 was an exciting year for Okta. Of course, we hosted President Barack Obama as a keynote speaker at Oktane18, and made a number of product and partnership announcements, but for the Workplace Services team, it was all about expanding to new offices in Toronto, Paris, Stockholm and Washington DC and doubling our footprint in San Jose. Now, to kick off 2019, we’re excited to continue this momentum with another significant move: we’ve officially opened our new headquarters in San Francisco.

Why now?
San Francisco has been our home since Okta’s founding in 2009, and we’ve benefited from its thriving tech marketplace and diverse pool of talent. Like San Francisco, we’re growing and our team recognized the need for a new, dedicated home to fit our evolving workforce for today and the future.

Space can have a profound effect on the success of an organization. That’s why we designed Okta’s new San Francisco headquarters to welcome customers and guests, cultivate relationships across teams, support the hiring and retention of employees, and inspire creativity and innovation. Our team spent the last two years designing and building an office that reflects our corporate values — customer success, innovation, transparency and integrity — and who we are as an organization. As a result, our new building is a physical representation of the maturation of Okta.

What’s new?
Every aspect of our new office was carefully chosen and built to embody Okta’s values, optimize collaboration, build relationships and foster creativity, while investing heavily into technology to support our teams. Our mission in designing the space was to provide our growing team with the resources it needs to succeed, while strengthening our culture. We did that through building an office that spans 10 floors, includes 161 meeting rooms (equipped with wireless charging), and an all-hands space that fits 250+ people, a lobby display of 450 sq ft, “Always On” portals for collaboration across our global offices, and three distinct cafes.

We also strongly feel that holistic wellness should be incorporated into all aspects of an individual's life. In the corporate setting, that means physical, mental and nutritional support in the office. We built a fully equipped gym, two group exercise rooms to accommodate classes such as TRX, barre, yoga and more. And we’re providing our new mothers with hospital grade pumps in dedicated nursing suites. The office also includes meditation and massage rooms, and a break room dedicated to nutritious snacking. We’re excited to offer these amenities to our employees and bring wellness to the workplace.

Join us!
The opening of our new San Francisco headquarters marks a significant milestone for us. It represents our growth, as well as our ongoing commitment to provide our team with the resources, connections and space it needs to succeed. If you’re interested in joining us, you can check out open positions and learn more here: