Remote Work: Meet Okta’s Virtual Executive Briefing Center

At Okta, loving our customers has been a core value from Day 1. Last year, that sentiment took physical form when we unveiled our newly remodeled and upgraded Customer Experience Center. While that wasn’t very long ago, much of our work lives have changed since then, and we’re constantly thinking of ways to be responsive to the huge influx of remote working.

While we’re all accustomed to how quickly technology tends to grow and change, in 2020 the switch to a virtual work environment has been overwhelming. We take our meetings online and join virtual conferences with fellow employees, customers, and partners and, hopefully, we don’t miss a beat. In order for organizations to meet that expectation, they need best-of-breed technology and the knowledge to use it effectively. For this reason, as an adjunct to our Customer Experience Center, we are now offering a Virtual Executive Briefing Center (VEBC) experience!

Our goal with the VEBC program is to maintain the same in-person experience that you would receive during an onsite briefing with us. How do we do this? By continuing to customize and align each briefing to your company's overall vision, goals and requirements.

During your virtual briefing you can expect tailored agendas that fit your business objectives, interactive and customized presentations from Okta’s executives and subject-matter experts, as well as relationship building with your peers and live Okta demonstrations. This is how we stay connected.

So whether we meet in-person or see you on screen, we look forward to connecting with you and helping your organization stay connected with each other. We’re here to help, and the Okta journey can begin with a customer briefing, accessible right here.