A New Podcast That Tells All: CIO Confidential

As organizations around the globe accelerate their transition into a cloud-first, remote-workforce future, leadership teams are increasingly turning to their Chief Information Officers (CIO) to help them understand what comes next. CIOs are uniquely poised to answer the big questions, like: How do we unleash the full power of our enterprise data? Can we harden security without crushing business agility? How can we redefine identity to include IoT? Building a strong, future-proof modern organization means mastering an information economy that’s very complex and evolving fast.

But even the wisest, most seasoned CIOs and IT leaders can’t know everything. They need a place to go to get their own questions answered; a forum to gain industry visibility, double-check best practices, spot promising new ideas, and sidestep avoidable mistakes. So we decided to create one. We’ve partnered with leaders at Zoom, Slack, and Box to establish helpful discussions between some of the world’s most accomplished CIOs to learn how they’re tackling today’s big issues.

Introducing CIO Confidential, our new free podcast series designed to put you in the room with today’s most innovative CIOs.

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For this free weekly podcast series beginning September 9th, Okta has joined forces with Zoom, Slack, and Box to tap our mutual, vast, global relationships to create the ultimate resource for IT Leaders. This new podcast aims to bring real-time thought leadership from the world’s best CIOs—straight to you.

Each week we’ll present a candid conversation between two industry leading CIOs—from the world’s biggest companies, across all verticals—to share their thoughts and ideas, their goals and challenges, successes and failures. How are they restructuring their IT departments to prepare for the future? How are they putting machine learning and AI to work in this environment? How do they handle institutional pushback and budget constraints? We answer these questions and a lot more. Check out the series trailer

Why should you care about CIO Confidential? 

Because, to stay on top and be the trusted source of confidence your enterprise needs, you need to take advantage of every resource at your disposal. Because getting a weekly briefing on what your peers are doing right (and doing wrong) makes you a stronger leader and supports your path to continued success. 

What kinds of topics will CIO Confidential cover? 

Here’s a preview of our first three podcasts:


September 9th

Secrets for Optimizing Remote Work and Why Digital Transformations Fail

Guests: Wendy Pfeiffer, CIO of Nutanix and Tony Saldanha, former Head of GBS, P&G


September 16th

How ASU and Coupa CIOs Manage Tech Spend and Keep Students and Employees Secure

Guests: Lev Gonick, CIO of Arizona State University and Eric Tan, CIO of Coupa


September 23rd

Habits of an Effective CIO and Smart Cities for Dummies”

Guests: Earl Newsome, CIO of Praxair and Jonathan Reichental, former CIO of Palo Alto Networks 

Who is this series designed for? 

Chief Information Officers and enterprise technical leads will get the most practical use of the series. But the podcasts will be interesting and helpful for anyone interested in understanding how the latest data and information trends are playing out in the field today.

How long is the podcast and when does it air? 

Each podcast is 45 minutes long, and the first episode will go live on Wednesday, September 9th at 5:00AM EST. We will release a new episode every Wednesday at 5:00AM EST for the series—you can check out upcoming topics on http://bit.ly/CIOpodOkta. Click on subscribe to sign up for the newsletter to receive advance notice of upcoming speakers and topics, so you never miss a relevant episode. You can even pose your own questions to upcoming CIO panelists! 

So, see you on September 9th for the premiere. Don’t miss it, subscribe today!