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Lauren Sheppard

Senior Manager, Content Marketing

As a content marketing manager, Lauren manages Okta’s corporate blog, social media, and video content. She graduated from Gonzaga University where she studied Marketing and International Business. In her free time, Lauren loves cooking, being outdoors, exploring all that the Bay Area has to offer, and planning her next adventure.

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Busting Myths: What is Single Sign-On?

Like almost everyone in the working world, I have a username and password for my work email and my personal email. And like anyone who runs social media for a tech company, I also regularly cheque Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts throughout the day - but on both...

Internet Fame + Backlash (The Online YOU)

“Going viral.” It’s a perfect term, really, to describe the particularly modern Internet phenomenon of how quickly a piece of content can spread – everyone liking that tweet, or watching that video, or reading that blog post. But along with Internet fame often comes Internet backlash, where virality turns...

Listen Now: YOU the People

Does government understand technology? Does technology understand government? In the fourth episode of YOU, a new podcast presented by Okta, host Claire Evans explores what it takes for a government – and its people – to embrace the technological future.

Digital Citizenship Blossoms in Estonia ...

Private YOU: The Blockchain Episode

YOU, the new podcast presented by Okta, is all about exploring the intersection of technology, humanity and identity. Is there any topic more intersectional of these elements, then, than blockchain? In this third episode , “Blockchain: The Private YOU,” host Claire Evans dives into blockchain, and we’ll hear...

Listen Now: Family, Where YOU Come From

Imagine losing all connection with the people you love, with your family. No ability to use text, social media, email – it probably feels inconceivable to most people in the Western world.

Yet that’s often the experience of refugees displaced from their homes, and it was the...

Introducing YOU, a New Podcast

Dating. Family. Privacy. Government. Fame. Healthcare. Can you think of an aspect of identity – how we see ourselves, how we relate to each other – that hasn’t been radically changed by modern technology?

Today marks the launch of YOU , a new podcast about the...