Accelerate and Expand Your Success with an Okta Certified Team

As an Okta customer, your team holds the keys to the world’s most powerful identity and access management platform. 

Are they ready to take advantage of its full potential?

Have your team get Okta Certified, and you can ensure that they are ready to deploy Okta’s capabilities, to solve business problems, and to design for your future.

To help customers enable their teams and stay current on the ever-expanding capabilities of our products, Okta maintains a comprehensive Okta Certified credential program. We currently offer four role-based certifications, designed to help position your teams for long-term success and enable them to drive greater efficiency and productivity for your business. 

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Accelerate your ROI

The better your teams understand how Okta works, the more benefits you will see. When your teams are equipped with the knowledge to execute on your identity and security initiatives, your entire organization wins. And when you’re managing identity for external partners or customers, they win too.

Okta certifications enable your admins and developers to drive more effective implementations, quicker adoption, and greater satisfaction. Getting you more value, faster.

Improve your team’s productivity

More than 85% of Okta Certified Professionals and 84% of Okta Certified Administrators agree that their Okta certifications have improved their workplace productivity. And over 84% of Okta Certified Administrators use the skills they learned through their preparation for certification several times a day.

Lead your teams into the future

If your people are your greatest assets (Hint: they are!), it’s wise to invest in their development. When that investment bolsters your identity strategy while expanding your teams’ knowledge, capabilities, and job satisfaction, everyone truly wins.

As Okta continues to expand our product capabilities, our certification program also evolves to cover new features and releases. To maintain their Okta Certified credentials, your team members will periodically take maintenance exams—that helps you ensure that they are staying current with Okta’s ever-expanding capabilities.

Okta certifications: Street cred for admins and developers

Okta certifications make great teams better. They differentiate qualified admins and developers as professionals who are well-versed in modern identity and access management concepts and implementations. All four Okta certifications ranked among the top 20 certifications that correlate to the highest pay globally.

With Okta certifications, everyone wins

Okta certifications are the best way to ensure your team uses Okta to your organization’s greatest advantage—and maximizes returns. They help ensure efficiency, workforce productivity, customer satisfaction, and long-term career benefits for administrators and developers.

Getting your teams Okta certified is easier than ever. Candidates have the option to prepare in a variety of ways that best align with their learning style and needs, from instructor-led virtual training classes, self-paced online courses, to free instructor-led virtual certification preparation webinars.

Learn more about the Okta certification program or contact your local Okta account representative for more information.