Okta Puts Customers First—Here’s How

At Okta, our customers are our pride, our purpose, and our priority. When they succeed, we succeed, and when they grow, so do we. We have gained our status as the world’s leading independent identity provider by working with a global community of brilliant customers to deploy more complex identity scenarios than anyone else—and we’re learning more every day. When our customers put their trust in us, we take it to heart.

Check out the infographic below to see this collaboration in action with two of our current customers: Pon, a leading Dutch multinational specializing in transportation and mobility products, and the University of Newcastle, one of Australia’s top public research institutions. They’re maximizing the value of Okta to unleash their potential.

Okta Customer first, Pon, University of Newcastle

Okta supports over 9,000 customers, learning from unique use cases and complex identity scenarios that prepare us to help you achieve your objectives. With your business insights and our solutions expertise together, we’ll be unstoppable.

Learn more about our Customer First playbook for success.