One-Minute Webinar: Better Patient Experiences in Healthcare

Okta’s Better Patient Experiences webinar explores how healthcare organizations can invest in the digital front door to increase patient engagement and reduce barriers patients face today accessing their data. Read on for some of the key points of the event. 

Healthcare’s major driver: patient demands

Investing in the modern consumer experience is critical to maintaining patient loyalty. People now expect from their healthcare providers the same personalized digital experiences they receive from brands in other industries.

They demand more control of their medical data, the ability to search for doctors, see medical records, and pay bills online—all from one place. When choosing providers, a convenient experience is the number one factor 73% of patients consider.

Yet 62% can’t accomplish their objectives online and 81% are dissatisfied with their provider’s digital experience. Patients feel frustrated with multiple applications forcing them to re-enter the same data or remember an overwhelming number of usernames and passwords. They want a single point of access to all the platforms, offerings, and resources they need.

Patients want high-quality experiences, and to avoid the reputational consequences of a data breach, so healthcare organizations need to elevate their digital services quickly. The most efficient way to remove barriers for users, while also strengthening security, is through identity.

Why identity is the answer to healthcare modernization

An identity-first approach can help healthcare organizations of any size protect valuable data while delivering convenient experiences that patients enjoy, spanning:

  • Frictionless sign-up
  • Secure logins and transactions
  • Single sign-on (SSO) to all of their healthcare applications
  • Profiles that sync across services
  • Automatic consent and privacy requests

An identity-first approach to application sprawl also offers significant benefits for healthcare providers, helping to reduce both technology integration costs and the volume of requests from users for IT support.

How Okta helps healthcare providers modernize

Dignity Health, a California-based nonprofit healthcare organization, modernized its patient-facing digital front door strategy with identity. Prior to this change, Dignity’s two million patients experienced a lot of friction navigating the digital ecosystem. One person might have various usernames and passwords across numerous patient portals and applications, driving users to call IT support when they forgot their password. Some patients abandoned engaging with their provider digitally all together.

Deploying Okta’s identity solutions, including Single Sign-On, API Access Management, and Universal Directory, decreased barriers for patients interacting with their provider, and it helped Dignity Health to respond more quickly to security threats. It also opened the digital front door to patients who enjoy their digital experience, which now includes:

  • A single set of login credentials
  • Convenient access to health records, apps, and care teams
  • Self-service password reset

To learn more about opening your digital front door and to unlock better security and an enhanced patient experience, watch the full webinar.