BeyondID Announces Historic Diamond Partnership With Okta

Today, BeyondID is thrilled to announce that we have achieved Diamond Partner status with Okta. This milestone achievement sets a new standard for Managed Identity Services Providers. Okta is the best-in-class IAM platform, as well as the pioneer in creating the Identity Cloud. This achievement is a testament not only to the success of our long-standing partnership with Okta but to our company’s commitment to excellence and delivering the best customer experience imaginable. We are incredibly proud of our accomplishment!

The journey here

I joined Okta in 2012 to build its customer success and services organization. At the time, the company had less than 100 customers. In the next few years, I traveled the globe helping customers see the value of using cloud services to manage Identity (within that time, Okta’s customer count grew to 3600+). Okta needed an ecosystem of partners to manage its services and help its growing number of customers. But, personally, I was restless and wanted to apply the knowledge and experience I’d gained with Okta to become an entrepreneur.

The mission was to become the top partner of the Okta partner ecosystem. My co-founders Charles Fortune (also an Okta alum) and Sasi Kelam joined me to start BeyondID. In our 30+ years working through the tech revolution, we’d witnessed technology change the lives around us globally—we understood the importance of the journey ahead.

Creating raving fans

We recognized that focusing on the evolution of digital identities would be key to securing companies and delighting users, both external and internal. Together, we leveraged our knowledge and networks to build an organization capable of driving our mission: to help companies become more secure, agile, and future-proof. BeyondID has successfully advised and deployed Okta for over a thousand enterprises and commercial customers worldwide, helping them leverage the Okta platform and maximize their investment. This includes customers like FedEx, MLB, Mayo Clinic, and VF Corporation.

Founded in 2018, we became Okta’s first Platinum Partner in 2019. Just three years later, BeyondID has become one of Okta’s first Diamond Partners. It indicates our status as one of Okta’s most capable and trusted partners. Our longstanding partnership has allowed us to provide meaningful, impactful services to thousands of well-established and fast-growing companies across industries. We are delighted to begin this new chapter together.

Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of Okta said it best. “The BeyondID team has been an invaluable part of our partner ecosystem for many years, working with us on some of our largest customers. They’ve played a vital role in helping our customers solve their most complex security and cloud computing challenges. We’re excited to see BeyondID continue to meet the needs of our customers and grow with us.”

What does it mean to become one of Okta’s first Diamond Partners? For us, it meant aspiring to a new challenge, one that upped the game in terms of Okta’s partner commitments and dedication to their customers. It meant setting new goals that BeyondID, as a team, achieved in advance of the requirements outlined by Okta. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and are absolutely committed to turning each joint customer into a ”raving fan.” This achievement is the output of our passion and hyper-focus, and a Diamond Partner is exactly what our customers deserve!

The future—together

So, what does the future hold? We will continue to drive successful business outcomes for global 1000 and fast-growing SMB companies. We’ll extend the reach of our mission to help these companies manage digital identities and the total user experience while delivering Diamond-level service. And we’ll continue to make raving fans out of each and every customer.

Chris Barbin, CEO, and founder of Tercera, said, “BeyondID exemplifies the kind of company that customers want to work with in this new wave—agile, focused, growth-minded and customer-centric.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Okta, for this opportunity—we are ready and willing to deliver. Here’s to doing much more together!