Okta Wins Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Award for Productivity and Collaboration: Impact

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, we were finalizing a partnership that would make it easier for millions of organizations using Google Workspace to add an essential security layer — Identity —to their journey. Considering Identity security’s importance, it should be no surprise that our joint solution was a winner with customers. As a result, we’re celebrating another big win: Okta is the 2024 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Productivity and Collaboration: Impact.

Why is Google Cloud and Okta’s partnership so unique? In a word: independence. 

Our partnership unlocks a seamless end-user experience,  enhancing employee productivity, independence, and business flexibility. In today’s market, customers want the freedom to build a unique digital ecosystem of technologies that will power their business without being locked into a single, monolithic vendor. They want the opportunity to choose the right solutions for their business without sacrificing end-user experience. By delivering an independent, neutral Identity platform, Okta allows customers to connect to any technology safely with a frictionless end-user experience.  

Google Cloud quote

Together, Okta Workforce Identity Cloud and Google Workspace allow our customers to: 

  • Simplify access to apps
  • Centralize Identity management 
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Spend time on what matters by streamlining and automating Identity management
  • Embrace phishing-resistant, passwordless protection

That’s a powerful combination. Consider the case of Winsupply, a residential and commercial construction materials supplier with 9,000 employees across a family of over 600 local companies.

"With nearly 9,000 Winsupply employees nationwide, nothing is more important than clear, concise communication,” Winsupply’s Senior Vice President of IT, Chris Schrameck, said. Okta's platform has exceeded Winspply's expectations in countless categories, including ease of use while continuing to complement Google Workspace perfectly. Recently, choosing who to partner with to change Winsupply's entire communication platform was a heavily contemplated decision. With Okta and Google Workspace, Winsupply's success is easy to see."

As a trusted Google Cloud partner, we’ll continue innovating to secure Google users. For millions of customers, Google is the device, the endpoint, the browser, and the collaboration suite – all of which require tight integrations with the Identity provider.  We’re thrilled about the progress we’ve made over the past year – and even more excited about the opportunity for collaboration and innovation with Google Cloud in the future.

To learn more, visit our website or download this data sheet about Okta and Google Cloud.