Okta + Google Workspace

Achieve seamless productivity and collaboration with identity-based security and governance.

Learn how Okta and Chrome Enterprise Deliver Context-Aware Access Control to Establish Device Trust

Do more with Google + Okta

  • Sync with Active Directory/LDAP
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Automated user provisioning, profile updates, and deprovisioning
  • Secure mobile devices and access
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Robust tracking and reporting


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Simplify access to apps:

By connecting your Google Workspace directory to Okta, you can use your Google Workspace credentials across more than 7,000 apps in the Okta Integration Network, in addition to Google Workspace and devices. The integration of Okta's SSO solution with Google Workspace enables users to access all their applications with a single set of credentials, improving the user experience and reducing the risk of password-related security incidents.

Okta Integration Network

Centralized identity management:

Okta Universal Directory orchestrates identity attributes across your vast application landscape and synchronizes Identity across any source of truth, offering a consolidated view for admins to organize and manage users, groups, and devices. Okta can integrate/collaborate with legacy home-grown directories and support multiple AD domains and forests to get your identities into Google Workspace without exhaustive directory cleanup and firewall changes.

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Streamlined collaboration:

With Okta and Google Workspace, employees can collaborate seamlessly and securely, regardless of location. Google Workspace's suite of productivity and collaboration tools, combined with Okta's identity management capabilities, offers a powerful solution for remote and hybrid teams.

More time for what matters

Okta simplifies, streamlines, and automates identity management, so your teams can be more productive and focus on value creation projects. With pre-built templates and integrations, Workflows connects with applications like Google Workspace to quickly automate critical  identity tasks. Deprovision and free-up Google Workspace licenses when users leave the organization.

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Embrace phishing-resistant, passwordless protection:

Enhance security with advanced identity management capabilities. Okta FastPass offers phishing-resistant adaptive MFA and frictionless passwordless authentication leveraging users’ device biometrics — unlocking endless productivity. It leverages many phishing-resistant access policies and authenticators that comply with industry standards such as NIST and FIDO2.