Okta + Google

All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet

Do more with Google Workspace + Okta

  • Sync with Active Directory/LDAP
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Automated user provisioning, profile updates, and deprovisioning
  • Secure mobile devices and access
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Robust tracking and reporting


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Google + Okta Flowchart

Use your Google credentials across apps and devices

By connecting your Google Cloud directory to Okta, you can use your Google credentials across over 7,400 apps in the Okta Integration Network, in addition to Google Workspace, and devices.

Onboard and manage Android devices

Use Okta Mobility Management to push work profiles, deploy apps, and ensure that your team’s work and personal accounts and data remain separate.

Onboard manage Android devices

Get to work faster with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome OS supports native Sign in with Okta, including MFA, right out of the box. An end user can configure their own brand new Chrome OS device and it’ll become automatically managed under Google's device policy framework.

Google + Okta Workflow

Control Google Workspace permissions and licenses

Automate onboarding and access request workflows. Deprovision and free-up Google Workspace licenses when users leave the organization.

Quickly integrate with on-premise directories

Deploy Google Workspace without having to synchronize passwords from Active Directory. Okta supports multiple domains and AD forests—we can get your identities into Google Workspace without exhaustive directory cleanup and firewall changes.

Quickly integrate