Okta Workflows How-To: ​​Translate an Okta User ID Into a Google User ID

Okta Workflows is a no-code platform for automating identity processes. 

This blog post is based on a question asked during office hours or the #okta-workflows channel in MacAdmins Slack: ​​Translate an Okta user ID into a Google user ID?

Getting started

Say you’re doing an offboarding workflow, and want to trigger offboarding based on the user account being deactivated in Okta. How do you translate an Okta user ID into a Google user ID (so you can deactivate the user in Google Workspace)?

The flow to do that has the following steps:

  1. A user deactivated event is triggered (Okta – User Deactivated card)
  2. Read the user information in order to get the user’s primary email (Okta – Read User)
  3. Then use the Google Workspace – Search Users card to search for the user with a specified email address

workflows_howto_oktaid_to_googleid.png (1602×1160)
Finding a user in Google Workspace based on Okta user ID

Note that if Google Workspace – Search Users doesn’t find a user, the card will return null values. You can add logic to handle such case, for example:

workflows_howto_oktaid_to_googleid_error.png (2142×1174)
Checking if a user was found

Thanks to Darren Jackson, IT Applications Engineer at Invitae, and Dmitri Altum, IT Engineer at Ramp, for the question and answer. Darren and Dmitri are members of the MacAdmins Slack #okta-workflows channel.

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